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Are you stand-up comedian?

Want to reach a larger audience with your material?

Want to publish performances online?

Start selling online and make money without limits.

Are you sharing content on social media?

Don't have time to run an online store?

Sell without having an expensive online store.

Do you have a fanpage, Instagram or Facebook group? You can sell there too!

See how easy it is to sell shows online

Prepare live performance or a recording or some backstage exclusive materials. You know your audience and their expectations best. You can use YouTube, Vimeo, your own or any other video platform to stream and publish the recording. The content will be protected against copying and unauthorized access. In all technical questions you can count on our support.

Prepare your 'online special'

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Publish a post with information about the show on social media

No matter which social media channel you use, put a special link for your show in a post on Facebook, as an Instastory or on your video channel. You can also post it anywhere on the Internet. This is how your social activity becomes your online store, but without need of having one. out Gizmi!

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Now Messenger app will become a shopping cart

After clicking on the link, your customers will be redirected to Messenger app and will see your offer in a chat window with an instant payment option. Your audience will love this way of purchase!

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Purchase and payment in one Messenger chat window

Thanks to our integration with Stripe your customers will pay you easily by card or fast bank transfer. The money earned goes immediately to your account!

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Quick and easy access to video

After confirming payment your customers will get a link to your material in their Messenger chat window and enjoy your show. Only those who have made payment will have access to the recording.

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See how it works

Check how your customers can buy your digital products and pay quickly with Messenger. Scan the code with your smartphone with Messenger and see how easy and convenient it is to buy with Gizmi.

See how it works

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See how chat-commerce features can help grow your sales

  • Facebook Messenger as your own shopping app
  • IN-CHAT-SALE® link that makes every place on Internet your online store
  • IN-CHAT safe payment in Messenger
  • IN-CHAT automatic product delivery in Messenger
  • IN-CHAT automatic receipt delivery in Messenger
  • Single product sales
  • Subscription plans sales
  • Free sample product
  • Dedicated online store
  • Easy product management and editing

Chat-commerce tools

  • Leads acquisition with a free sample or demo
  • Group messaging for up- and cross- selling offers
  • Autoresponders sent directly to customers Messenger
  • Scheduled product messaging directly to customers Messennger
  • Customer and lead contact management
  • Communication with customers and leads from Gizmi dashboard directly to customers Messenger

Marketing automation & communiaction

  • Instant payouts
  • Sales analytics
  • Real-time sales notifications
  • Returns and disputes management

Analytics & payments tools


  • Onboarding support
  • Dedicated support
  • Knowledge base
  • Webinars on demand

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