• sell your content directly from Instagram stories
  • checkout and payments via Facebook Messenger
  • be compliant with Instagram Terms & Conditions
  • instant payouts
  • no online shop required
  • 30-days free trial

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At Gizmi we believe that creators, artists like yourself can profit from their digital activity in many ways. We trully admire everybody who creates for Only Fans community, because it’s great place to be if you have engaging content to share with broader audience. But we also believe that there are other places for Your art-, creative- and selling activity to grow…

What is one place that aggregates Only YOUR Fans…? Your Instagram profile! Yes, we know that You know 😊. We also know, that Instagram has its strict policies regarding types of content that’s being shown or offered to buy on its e-commerce platform. This is where Gizmi shows up.

What if you could prepare and sell your digital art directly from your Instagram profile within 20 minutes?

See this page and learn how to earn twice from your current Only Fans activity and being compliant with Instagram terms and conditions at the same time!

I hope you will use Gizmi. All best for You!

Michael Kielpinski

Co-Founder & Co-CEO at Gizmi

Earn more selling your content directly from Instagram

Sell single product

Do you have special one time offer? Or want to share some unique, unseen content? You can do it in minutes!

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Sell subscriptions

With Gizmi it's easy to set subscription plans for your fans. Weekly shared content? Private scheduled live stream? Just try!

Give your fans more choice

You can present up to ten products in your fan's Messenger chat at one time. Let him choose what he wants.

Use up- and crosss-selling tools

With Gizmi you can send your fans new deals and offers directly in Messenger window with just few clicks.

How it works?

Add your product

Prepare any digital product - video, stream link, photo collection... Then add it to your Gizmi account and you will receive special IN-CHAT-SALE® link that once published allows others to purchase your product in Messenger chat.

No matter which social media channel you use, add your IN-CHAT-SALE® link to your Instagram Stories or biolink page, or in your YouTube channel. To be honest you can post it anywhere you are active online. Gizmi turns whole internet into online store.

Publish your IN-CHAT-SALE® link
in your social media

Your fan's Messenger becomes a shopping cart

After clicking the link, the Messenger chat will open, where your fan will see a product with an instant payment option. It is very personal, unique way of buying that your followers are going to love!

Purchase and payment in one Messenger chat window

Thanks to our integration with Stripe your customers will pay you easily by card or fast bank transfer. The money earned goes immediately to your account!

Quick and easy access to purchased product

After successful payment via Messenger, your clients will get a chat message with attached product and a receipt. Whether a file, link or access credentials - your product will be delivered instantly after the payment, directly in Messenger window.

See for yourself how it works

Check how your fans can buy your digital products and pay quickly with Messenger. Scan the code with your smartphone with Messenger, and see how easy and convenient it is to buy with Gizmi.

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Leave your contact and we will arrange a demo presentation to show you how you can start selling immediately in social media.

If you prefer to contact me directly feel free to do so :)

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