Gizmi is a Polish innovative fast-payment platform that allows to turn donation's request into one link. Once the link is clicked the contributor makes the donation in a few seconds in a Facebook Messenger chat. All without external webpages - easy, simple, fast and effectively.

SOCIAL-FAST-Worldwide donations for ukraine

Those difficult times requires fast actions in order to support Ukrainian Nation. We want to help our Friends by offering our technology to collect the donations completly free of charge.

Who can use Gizmi?


Organize fundraising and share the donation's link anywhere on the Internet: your website, Telegram channel, social media.

You can organize fundraising in your company and collect the donations directly from your social media channels using one single donation's link.


According to your local regulations you may appeal for support with donation's link and share it to your followers on your social channels


How can we help?

We offer our services for free

We offer our platform to collect the donations for free and with no hidden costs. We won't charge any commissions and fees.

Operational and technical support

We understand that your goal is to provide the real support - not operating another platform. That's why we will support you on each stage of cooperation to let you stay focused on your goals.

Sharing your actions

Payments with the most popular methods

Thanks to Gizmi you'll collect the donations according to donators local preferences in each country. By automatically adjusting the payment methods you'll get more donations.

We will promote your fundraising in Poland and by our abroad partners, on our website, social media channels and through our partners.

See how donation link works

All our work and support we provide for you is for free. Registration is easy and fast. All you need is your e-mail address, phone number and basic information about your organization or business. We will guide you through the whole process. We can make any further operation, creation of donation's links on your behalf to let you start the fundraising as quick as it possible. You'll see - you'll need only 15 minutes to start.

Sign-up easy within 15 minutes

Share the donation link any place on the Internet

No matter what social channel you use, post the donation link in a post on your social media channels and website and let your donators to support your goal easy, fast and conveniently.

You can set up one-payment's donation or recurring payments.

Messenger will become your own donations mobile app

When the contribitor clicks the link the Messenger App will open with the option to pay. With Gizmi the whole donation process takes only two steps. It's really that simple!

Fast payment will increase the donations

Thanks to the Messenger integration with the payment gateway your donators will pay you by card or fast bank transfer. The money goes straight to your account.

Personalized acknowledgements for your donators will make them proud

Once they made the donation your contributors will receive the donation's certificate or video with special thanks for supporting your goal. You decide how you want to appreciate them. Of course, everything will be sent via Facebook Messenger.

Scan and see how it works

See how your donators can pay quickly with Messenger. Scan the code with your smartphone with Messenger, start a conversation and see how easy and convenient it is to donate with Gizmi. You'll see that it takes only few seconds!

Click the example of donation's link and see how it works

Click and try

Leave your contact details and we will call you to discuss the implementation of Gizmi.

Leave you contact

Tomasz Uscinski
Co-CEO & Co-founder
+48 534 303 997

Michal Kielpinski
Co-CEO & Co-founder
+48 660 579 361

Gizmi SA

71-064 Szczecin

Aleja Piastow 22


Gizmi Inc. with the registered office in Szczecin, address: al. Piastow 22, 71-064 Szczecin, entered in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court of Szczecin-Centrum in Szczecin, XIII Economic Department of the National Court Register under the number 0000894752, REGON: 388010851, NIP: 8522669953, amount of the initial capital: PLN 100,000 (one hundred thousand zlotys), amount of paid-up capital: PLN 531,200 (five hundred thirty one thousand two hundred zlotys).